This disclaimer applies to you if you choose to buy NFTs from this site. NFTs create a unique digital version of an underlying artwork as a data file using digital ledger technology. Once bought, it is your proof of ownership and proof of authenticity of the relevant edition of the digital artwork.

Our NFT products are akin to a digital sticker of an underlying artwork; our NFTs are not considered a financial investment and do not fall into the category of a security token or an e-money token. These NFTs are therefore not classed as a regulated cryptoasset.

When you buy an NFT from our platform you understand that you are acquiring title to the digital artwork tokenised by the NFT for personal (not commercial) purposes only. Commercial use is strictly forbidden with exception of resale without alteration or reproduction.

By buying an NFT you agree that you are not doing so for investment purposes or for the purposes of obtaining security or an appreciating asset. You understand that the benefit you receive for buying the NFT is limited to being part of our NFT club and being the legal owner of the NFT itself.

You also acknowledge that ownership of an NFT does not carry with it any rights, express or implied, including (without limitation) copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property or proprietary rights in and to the underlying artwork. The copyright to the digital artwork remains with the copyright holder.

We reserve the right to amend this disclaimer from time to time.

26 September 2022