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Gaby López VIP Pass - Lake Nona


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Welcome to the Gaby López VIP Pass - Lake Nona

Experience the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions at Lake Nona in Florida as an exclusive guest of Gaby López.

In collaboration with Heroes NFT Club and Gaby López, you will stay in exclusive accommodation and get the full VIP hospitality treatment over the course of the 3 days.

As part of the officially-licensed package you will get an access-all-areas course pass, which allows you to see Gaby and the golfers up close during all 3 rounds and experience professional sport as though you were taking part yourself. Then get to play a round of golf on a Tiger Woods designed course.

In addition to all of this you will get to have dinner with Gaby and her team, receive exclusive signed merchandise and then experience the glamour of the after party featuring a DJ set by Paris Hilton and a perfomance by Ellie Goulding.

Welcome to Heroes NFT Club hospitality and stay tuned for more unbelievable events launching soon.

The Benefits

  • Stay in specially-selected accommodation.
  • VIP hospitality for all 3 days of the tournament.
  • Access-all-areas pass for all 3 rounds.
  • Dinner with Gaby and her team.
  • Tickets to the celebrity after party.
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Welcome to the Gaby López VIP Pass - Lake Nona

Heroes NFT Club and Gaby Lopez have teamed up to bring you the Gaby Lopez VIP Pass Collection.

Gaby is the current leading female golfer in Mexico and one of the best in the world. She carried her nations flag in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and her rookie year was in 2016 and the year to date is her most successful yet.

She has 3 career victories on the LPGA tour and plays in tournaments all over the world and she has been the best female player 7 years in a row from the Bravo river in México to the Patagonia in Argentina.

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Gaby Lopez

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The Benefits

Each NFT has specific physical benefits that you receive when you purchase a Gaby Lopez VIP Pass - Lake Nona NFT.

These are listed below:

Benefit 1 - Exclusively selected accommodation

Stay in a top-spec villa with other guests. Relax and unwind in our luxurious villa before heading off to watch Gaby play in the opening round.

Benefit 2 - VIP hospitality pass for Lake Nona Golf and Country Club

Eat and drink as much as you like with full access to VIP hospitality across all 3 days of the tournament

Benefit 3 - Access-all-areas 3-day course pass.

Get up close and personal with the players and see with your own eyes the talent of the professional golfers.

Benefit 4 - Dinner with Gaby and her team.

Go out to dinner with Gaby and her team and ask her questions about her round and her plans for the future.

Benefit 5 - Tickets to the tourament after party.

Experience the after party featuring a DJ set by Paris Hilton and special concert featuring Ellie Goulding as the headline act.

Monthly Star Rewards

This collection activates our Star Rewards Utility.

Each card has 1-3 stars engraved. Stars enter you into monthly giveaways where you can win amazing merch, tickets and prizes.

The more stars you have in your digital wallet the higher the value of the prize you can win.

star Monthly Star Rewards

Every month, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an amazing prize. The more stars you have in your digital wallet the higher the value of the prize you can win.


Stars needed


When you collect stars you get:

  • Monthly access to amazing competitions
  • Win merch, tickets & amazing gear
  • Previous winners have won PS5s, AirPods & World Cup tickets
  • Get early access to future drops
  • The more stars you have the more chance to get!

The draw takes place on the 1st day of every month. There are 3 prizes to win every month in each Star Reward level.

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