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Welcome to Pumas - The Ultimate Experience

Heroes NFT Club and Pumas have collaborated with a 100% offical limited-edition NFT collection that brings you closer to your Pumas heroes. Each NFT will have physical benefits attached to it, so that you can enjoy one-of-a-kind sporting experiences that have never been available before.

The officially-licensed NFTs have all been created, designed, sold and the physical benefits managed and supplied by Heroes NFT Club and will feature either one, two or three stars. The more of our NFTs you own the more stars you will have in your digital wallet.

This exclusive NFT collection takes your support for the Pumas to the next level by giving you the opportunity to have dinner with your favourite players, get VIP tickets for every home game and many other incredible physical benefits.

The Benefits

  • Be a Pumas player for the day.
  • Watch the players train.
  • Head out to dinner with a couple of your favourite players.
  • VIP tickets to every home match.
  • Personalised signed shirt.
  • 20% online shop discount.
Volume: 5
Price: USD $10,000

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Welcome to Pumas - The Ultimate Experience

Heroes NFT club and Pumas UNAM have collaborated with an exclusive NFT launch bringing you unqiue sporting experiences that will take your support of the Pumas to the next level.


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The Benefits

Each NFT has specific physical benefits that you receive when you purchase a Pumas Exclusive Collection NFT.

These are listed below:

Benefit 1 - Be a Pumas player for the day

You and 2 friends can train with the team, take part in short matches and penalty shootouts and then relax with the players during the cool down. Then join them for a post-match meal and refreshments.

Benefit 2 - Watch the players train

Choose 2 friends and get special pitchside access once a year to watch the players train live.

Benefit 3- Head out to dinner with a couple of your favourite players

Take 3 friends with you to meet 2 Pumas players for dinner where you can ask them all the questions you have ever wanted to ask them. (Redeemable once per calendar year.)

Benefit 4 - VIP tickets

Get 2 VIP tickets for every home game for both the Clausura and Apertura.

Benefit 5 - Personalised signed shirt

Get a personalised signed shirt every year for as long as you own the NFT.

Benefit 6 - 20% online shop discount

Receive a 20% discount all year round in the online club shop.

Benefit 7 -Star Rewards

Get entry into our monthly prize draw where you can win prizes up to a value of $1500 USD depending on the number of Heroes NFT Club stars you own.

Monthly Star Rewards

This collection activates our Star Rewards Utility.

Each card has 1-3 stars engraved. Stars enter you into monthly giveaways where you can win amazing merch, tickets and prizes.

The more stars you have in your digital wallet the higher the value of the prize you can win.

star Monthly Star Rewards

Every month, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an amazing prize. The more stars you have in your digital wallet the higher the value of the prize you can win.


Stars needed


When you collect stars you get:

  • Monthly access to amazing competitions
  • Win merch, tickets & amazing gear
  • Previous winners have won PS5s, AirPods & World Cup tickets
  • Get early access to future drops
  • The more stars you have the more chance to get!

The draw takes place on the 1st day of every month. There are 3 prizes to win every month in each Star Reward level.

NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased, sold, and traded at will, just as you could anything else you owned. Our NFTs are different to many other NFTS though, as they have physical benefits / utilities that are linked to each NFT purchased.
There are some collections that you are unable to buy with your credit or debit card. With these you have to purchase with crypto which means that they have to be minted first. The video below talks you through the process of minting.
You can buy your NFT with your credit or debit card and other payment methods such as PayPal. This means it’s quick and easy and you don’t have to use cryptocurrencies to do this. Click buy now, enter your payment details and you will receive an email to confirm your order and another email which will send you to your Venly wallet where your NFT is stored.
If you purchase using the “buy now” button, your NFT will be stored in your Venly Wallet. After you have purchased your NFT you will be sent an email which links through to the wallet where your NFTs are stored. The Venly Wallet is a digital place where your Heroes NFTs are securely stored.
The benefits differ based on the particular NFT that you buy. The benefits or utilities are clearly listed in the Benefits page of each collection.

Each benefit for each collection has different frequencies depending on the NFT purchased. When you are purchasing the NFT, the frequency of the benefits / utilities will be clearly displayed.
The drop dates for each NFT collection will be published on our site when they are confirmed.
The stars form part of our Star Rewards program. More details can be found by clicking here.

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